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Employment Contract Law and Breach of Employment Agreements

Employment Contract Lawyers help settle Employment Agreement Breaches, Breach of Contract, Severance Agreement Infractions, and Non-Compete Agreements. Located in St. Petersburg in the Tampa Bay area, the employment agreement lawyers at Berman Law Firm, P.A. are representing employees throughout Southwest Florida and Central Florida in drafting and interpreting employment contracts.

As a qualified and experienced Tampa Bay employment agreement attorney, we represent employees in drafting, analyzing, negotiating, and litigating the following types of employment agreements.

  • Severance agreements – including terms related to receiving severance, any breach of a severance agreement and the negotiation of severance agreement.
  • Non-compete agreements – including clauses involving separation, termination, limitations as to geography or the length of time as to the non-compete term
  • Employment contracts – including employment contracts for officers, directors, key employees and any litigation involving breach of an employment agreement

If you would additional information, or you think that you may have suffered from a breach of agreement, the attorneys and Berman Law may be able to help cut through the confusion and get to heart of your employment contract law issue.

If you have questions regarding a potential issue, or if you have a pending case that you would like reviewed, please call us at (727) 550-8989 or use our convenient Free Consultation Form

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