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In the United States every employee is granted certain rights and protections under the law. These laws are in place at both the federal and state levels in order to ensure that all employees are treated fairly at work and have the opportunity for equal employment. While many employers comply with each and every standard set for creating a fair and equal workplace, far too many employees find themselves facing equal employment issues.

In particular, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is in place to ensure that all employees receive the fair pay they are owed, both regarding minimum wage and overtime pay, and that child labor is not being abused. When an employer violates this act, they are not only subjecting an employee to mistreatment at the workplace, but they are also not providing the employee with equal employment. In such situations, an employee can take legal action against their employer, seeking the fair treatment that they are owed and, in many cases, restitution for the harm they have endured.

What the Fair Labor Standards Act Provides and How it Protect Against Equal Employment Issues

While FLSA is meant to ensure that employees are granted fair working conditions, many employees find themselves subject to equal employment issues when employers violate the following conditions of the FLSA:

  • All employees must be paid at least $7.25 per hour, unless they work in a state which has a higher minimum wage. In this case the worker should be paid the higher wage.
  • All employees that are not considered exempt must be paid one and a half times their hourly pay for every hour worked over 40 in one work week.
  • All records of employee time and pay must be kept by the employer. Additionally, the employer must put the stipulations of the FLSA somewhere it is visible to all employees.
  • All youths who work must be doing so in a job that is safe and does not put their health, wellbeing, or education at risk.

Get Legal Help for Equal Employment Issues

Although many U.S. employees suffer through equal employment issues due to the unfair actions of their employers, there are available avenues that these wronged employees can pursue to get restitution for the unfair treatment. Get in touch with attorney Craig Berman of the Berman Law Firm if this has happened to you, as he can help victims of unfair work treatment seek legal action against the employer who wronged them.

If you are facing a workplace discrimination matter and require information as to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, contact the Law Office of Craig L. Berman by calling (727) 550-8989 for a use our Free Consultation form to get your answers.

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