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We Support Employees Throughout the Tampa Bay area with Wage-and-Hour Claims, and Overtime Pay Law Infractions

Many wage-and-hour Overtime Pay Law cases involve small amounts of money, such as when an employer refuses to pay a few hours of overtime a week, claiming an over-scheduled employee should have been able to get his or her work done on time. That may not add up to a lot of money for a large employer, but it can mean quite a lot for a single parent trying to make the ends meet.

At Berman Law Firm, P.A., located in downtown St. Petersburg, our overtime pay law attorneys handles these and other wage-and-hour claims. If successfully litigated, state and federal laws not only forbid this behavior, but also make the employer pay attorneys fees.

If negotiations fail to produce a fair and equitable result on behalf of our clients, we are willing to try the case on your behalf fully. As our legal opponents are aware of our zealous representation, it enables us to obtain settlements that are generally better than those obtained by lawyers with a reputation for being reluctant to go to court.

There are several different types of wage-and-hour claims. Some of the most common are the withholding of wages or commissions, not paying minimum wage, and not paying overtime for hours in excess of 40 hours in a week. Employers may also force employees to work off the clock, which are all infractions of Overtime Pay Law.

It is unfortunate that some employers attempt to get around wage and overtime laws by classifying employees as independent contractors or as exempt employees. When such a company or entity is willing to treat one such employee unfairly, it usually does the same to other employees. For this reason, we often handle class-action lawsuits in which a number of employees have been similarly affected by an employer’s violation of wage-and-hour laws.

For a free initial consultation concerning a Overtime Pay Law Claim for Unpaid Wages, call us at 727-550-8989 or use our convenient Free Consultation form to get answers to your questions.

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