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Unemployment Appeal and Compensation Litigation

Your job has been terminated, so you apply for unemployment compensation benefits to the Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation (AWI). Your employer claims that you do not qualify, so benefits are denied. What can you do?

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At Berman Law Firm, P.A. we assist workers by fighting for unemployment appeal benefits. When you are denied benefits, contact the Employment Attorneys at our firm as quickly as possible and arrange for an initial conference with an unemployment appeal lawyer. Time is of the essence since a request for an appeal hearing must be made within 20 days after the denial was mailed to you.

The Unemployment Appeal Process

Our Tampa Bay unemployment compensation attorney will listen as you explain the circumstances of your termination and evaluate your case.

If required, we can write a letter to the AWI’s Office of Appeals that requests an appeal hearing and explains the reasons why you deserve to receive benefits. Our Tampa Bay Employment Attorney can represent you at the hearing when it is scheduled.

After the appeal hearing is completed, you may receive a document that informs you of the decision. If you disagree with the decision, you may request a review by the Unemployment Appeals Commission, which will review the claim documents and the record of the hearing and make a final decision.

Let the Unemployment Appeal Lawyers Provide You Legal Assistance

Having an experienced Tampa Bay Employment Attorney help you through the appeal process will be an advantage in processing your claim. Our knowledge of the system and its procedures can be a valuable tool in navigating towards a successful resolution.

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