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Most, if not all, people who work as Florida state employees perform their jobs under the ideal that the agency or company that they are working for is performing its duties legally and fairly. Unfortunately, many agencies do not always conduct their activities and business is a manner that is ethical or fair to its employees or those people it serves. When this happens and a state employee of the company finds out about it, they are legally bound to come forward with this information and are protected when doing so. This is known as whistleblower protection.

As stated by Florida’s Whistleblower Act, anyone who reports illegal or unethical activity committed by a state agency receives whistleblower protection from retaliation. Despite this act, many whistleblowers are subjected to unfair treatment after revealing such information. They may be discriminated against, abused at work, demoted, or even fired from their position. While this can be extremely damaging for a person in this situation, they are, however, not without recourse.

Who Is Protected

When a whistleblower is retaliated against, they can take action against the party who retaliated by filing a complaint or even a lawsuit against that party. Those who are protected under this act, according to the United States Office of Special Counsel, are people who “disclose information [they] reasonably believe evidences:

  • A violation of any rule, law or regulation
  • Gross mismanagement
  • Gross waste of funds
  • An abuse of authority
  • A substantial and specific danger to the public safety or health.”

Sadly, many people are treated poorly and suffer serious repercussions for reporting such behavior on the behalf of a state agency. In order to protect those who fulfill their responsibility to reveal such information, the state allows action to be taken against those parties who retaliate against whistleblowers.

Get Help

If you are a state employee who was brave enough to reveal incriminating information about a Florida agency or business, but have since suffered retaliation for your actions, you have options for protecting yourself and getting retribution for the retaliation. However, filing a complaint with the Florida Commission on Human Relations can be difficult, as can filing legal action against the party who retaliated against you. Fortunately, you can get support and guidance with both of these legal avenues from skilled lawyer Craig Berman with the Berman Law Firm. Get in touch today to discuss whistleblower protection and how we can help.

For a Free Initial Consultation and to make certain whether you have a valid legal claim under your specific circumstances, contact Tampa whistleblower protection attorney Craig L. Berman today at: (727) 550-8989

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