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mechanical and technological patents registered with the help of an IP lawyerYour ideas and trade secrets are valuable commodities that deserve protection so that you can profit from them and protect your operations. Letting others into the fold, even those you work with and trust, is always a risk and yet it cannot always be avoided. If your intellectual property has been compromised or stolen, attorney Craig Berman can help you recoup your losses.

Trade Secrets

Almost all companies hold what are considered trade secrets, or important information that could aid competitors if leaked to the wrong parties. These can include customer lists, invoice information, product specifications, designs, models, or any other sensitive asset. Something is not considered a trade secret if it is easily available to persons outside of the company. These assets are protected by the Florida Uniform Trade Secret Act (FUTSA) and misappropriation is punishable by law.

Nondisclosure Agreements

Most trade secrets are protected under nondisclosure agreements, but that doesn’t always prevent them from getting into the wrong hands. However, if someone did sign a nondisclosure agreement and profited from your intellectual property by means of sale, publishing, or personal use, proving their wrongdoing will be much easier to do.

Get the Representation You Deserve

Your original ideas, creations, processes, and other commercial assets belong to you. Though it may seem overwhelming to pursue justice in an intellectual property case, you owe it to yourself to do everything you can to protect what is legally yours. Craig Berman has over 25 years of experience helping his clients protect their intellectual articles and will help you do the same.

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