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unemployed woman looking stressed. needs to work with an employment lawyer on an unemployment appeal.If you have been terminated and your application for unemployment benefits was denied, all is not lost. The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity has designated the Reemployment Assistance Appeals Commission (RAAC) to handle unemployment benefit disputes. Attorney Craig Berman can help you file your appeal and accompany you to your hearing to strengthen your case.

Unemployment Eligibility

Employees are eligible for unemployment benefits if their termination meets the following requirements determined by Florida state employment laws:

  • You lost your job through no fault of your own, i.e. you did not quit for personal reasons or were not terminated for malicious misconduct
  • You are now totally or partially unemployed
  • You earned the minimum amount of wages in the “base period” of your employment, which is the first four complete quarters beginning 18 months prior to your claim
  • You are currently able to work, available to work, and actively seeking work

If you meet these terms but were denied unemployment by your employer, we have a good case for an appeal.

The Appeal Process

In order to appeal your benefits denial, we’ll need to request a hearing with the RAAC. When they receive our request, we will be notified of a hearing date. Until that date, you and Mr. Berman will gather all of the necessary documentation that will prove your eligibility. This might include stellar performance reviews, promotion offers, pay stubs, email correspondence, testimonies from other past employees who were denied benefits, and more.

During the hearing, we will present everything we’ve collected and Mr. Berman will argue in your favor, drawing on employer patterns, legal precedents, and other factors. After the hearing, you will be notified by the Commission whether or not your benefits are approved, denied, or modified. No matter what, Craig Berman will be by your side to ensure you receive a fair process.

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